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Interview with Tanya Amey (Lady T)

Interview with Tanya Amey (Lady T)

Interview with Tanya Amey (Lady T)

“Its not about me, its about submitting myself

and letting God use me as a vessel

so He can touch hearts, change lives and birth destinies”

– Tanya Amey


She is not just a wife to an awesome man, a mother to 3 beautiful children, a teacher to so many worshipers around her, a leader to a congregation of vast diversity, a mentor to a number of young girls but she is also a friend when you need one, an inspiration when you feel your gas tank is running dry, an ocean of wisdom when you need it, a truth teller, direct, sharp but still loving enough to comfort you when the truth slices you in ways you did not fathom. This week I introduce to you Tanya Amey, better known as Lady T.

Born in the United States of America, Tanya followed the call on her life and relocated to Africa with her Husband and family. Not an easy move to make, leaving your loved ones, lifestyle, community and getting ready to start this new journey with all but TRUST in God and faith that He would be their sustenance. Today we embark on that journey with Mrs Amey and get to feel and walk in the footsteps she had to take to get to where she is now.


1. What is the life statement / code that you live by?


“To walk by faith and not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

“Too many things perceived by the senses can paralyze me. So choosing to live by faith has been a crucial principle”


One thing we should always remember as musicians is that the principle of walking by faith, is exactly the same as playing by ear. When a vocalist is singing a new song, you have no idea where the melody is going to run to but you have full confidence in the knowledge and skill that you have acquired through training, trial and error and some sort of guidance right? You know without a shadow of doubt that you have enough knowledge and skill to pull off this new song, this potential life changing melody.

Walking by faith is exactly that. You trust in the God of the process. Through time, He has never failed you. He has always pulled through when you took that step of faith. He has always guided you and equipped you, and with that confidence you take that step and go for it, without a doubt that you will succeed. Walk by faith, play by ear. The underlining principle here is TRUST in the process, TRUST in the God you serve and TRUST that you are equipped enough. Then take the LEAP and EXPERIENCE what many wont.


2. When and why did you get into music seriously?

As young as I can remember I sang. I come from a family of musicians and singers so it was a natural place. Worship however, has become my lifestyle and a display of my affection and love for my creator. That aspect of worship has been for more than 30 years. 🙈


3. How do you balance music, family, work, and life in general?

Ha, balance. I’ve struggled with this answer personally for long. I’ve concluded that there is no balance. It’s simply the sufficient grace being made manifested in my life and it’s that which allows me to be the many things that I am and fulfill all of the responsibilities required of me without feeling incapable to complete them.


4. Who inspires you musically and why?

So many people and groups. Lately I’m enjoying the unity and sound of Maverick City Music which is a collection of many artist I enjoy personally. I also am heavily inspired by our house team ‘Koi International Worship Centre’ – the gifts, talents, heart and commitment to worship in their personal capacities inspires me deeply.



5. What has music done for you emotionally, physically, and spiritually?

Worship is my safe place. It allows me to release and be filled all at the same time. It centers and grounds me. It’s an organic exchange that I can’t get anywhere or with anyone else.


6.Tell us about the most challenging moment musically?

There are many challenges but one of the greatest is when leading people vulnerably. When you don’t feel worthy to stand in front of others and lead them into the presence of God because you are struggling with your own things and having to allow God to minister to you while ministering through you.


7.What has your greatest moment/achievement been musically?

Writing and recording our own songs that God entrusted us with. That’s major.


8. What do you do to perfect your skill and talent?

We do vocal exercises and warm ups. We encourage them to do them personally and then together. Also having songs picked and arranged helps with efficient rehearsal times. However, we have in recent times learned how to practice the presence of God and enquire of the Lord how He wants to be ministered to, which takes all restrictions and tosses them. Those are some of the most powerful and rewarding times we have as a team.


9. What would you say makes a great musician?

Vulnerability, transparency and communication. Displaying all of that before those who follow you. You can’t lead if you’re not willing to follow so ensuring everyone knows that the exchange of leading and following is paramount to the success of a team. So I allow them to lead me as well.


10. What are your 3 most valued principles of musicianship?

Communication, character and commitment. Others are relying on you and therefore it’s important to communicate with your teams so trust is built. How you are on and off stage is crucial to musicianship and commitment to your craft and team through personal development are keys some valuable principles in musicianship.


11. What is one of your greatest goals you aim to achieve soon?

Release an album with our original songs to the world.


12. What sacrifices have you made for your career?

Saturday’s lol. I wouldn’t call it a sacrifice considering it’s what I’ve been created to do. Keeping this in mind I am able to push when things seem overwhelming.


13. Do you have any upcoming projects/albums we can expect?

The Koi Worship will drop soon in Jesus Name.


14. Who would you say is the greatest artist of all time?

Eish!!! There’s too many. I grew up with The Winans, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and so much more


15. What advice would you give to upcoming musicians, especially those who want to join worship teams?

Your personal worship greatly impacts corporate worship. It is imperative that you lead by example and cultivate your personal relationship which will  create a worship that’s contagious. Intentionality is key.


Lady T is such an inspiration to my worship. There are so many stories we can tell about the journey we have both had and I still stand as honored to have met, interacted, worshiped, served with, worked under and led by the humble Spirit that she is.  There are so many lessons you could learn about worship and living a life that shouts Jesus and using Music to showcase that life, using music to inspire others, using music to bring the necessary unity, love and hope that this world needs.

Lady T, thank you for who you are. The investment you made in all of us, the time you gave, the sacrifices, the leadership, the love and the push you gave are just a few things out of many that I am forever grateful for.

For more on Pastor Mrs T. Amey and her journey, watch this video and please do follow her using the links below:



Instagram: httpsssss://www.instagram.com/tanyaamey/

                             : httpsssss://www.instagram.com/experiencekoi/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tanya.amey

                           : httpsssss://www.facebook.com/experiencekoi/


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