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Quality music education for students of all ages and all levels.


Music Lessons

We offer a different approach to music and package it in a fun and memorable way. We teach our students to first play by ear before entering into classical techniques. We believe that once a student can play by ear, it becomes easier  to adapt themselves to learn how to sync with any other musician worldwide on any platform. Once these principles have been learnt, the dynamics of playing classical music will be easier to grasp. Our main targets are Day cares, Primary and High Schools, workshops and private lessons at the academy itself.

Music Action Camp

Sometimes a break from the city-life is needed. We expose our students to the outdoors and a chance to get in touch with themselves through music and other activities that open their eyes to who they can be and who they already are. We motivate and inspire them through motivational talks from people that have made it musically, academically and socially and bring them to an understanding that they can succeed in life. We get them to find their passions and discover their potentials through these fun camps.


Every academic year-end, we host a school recital to showcase the newly acquired skills that our students possess. We either do it seperatelt as a Treble Clef Music and Arts Academy Event, or we work in conjuction with schools during their christmas or year-end plays. It is a power packed, beautiful, family bonding experience each time.

Get in touch with us to learn more about programs schedule for the year.