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Quality programs for clients of all ages and levels.


Started from the comfort of our founders' home, Treble Clef Music Academy has expanded to operate internationally. It has been a journey that's taught us many lessons that have been built into the core values that we teach to each student and equip them to use in life.


Learning in a fun and comfortable environment increases the chances of comprehension and retention. We treat each student as part of our family and attend to everyone's personal music and art needs with love, balance, direction, and creativity.


Our classes are more practical than anything. We believe in developing an agile artist and the more time spent practically on the instrument or activity, the better the results. Art as a whole, including music, is a language spoken and understood by the world. It holds the power to influence and change. It is our dream and passion that as we instill and develop these life skills within everyone we come in contact with, that it makes the world a better place, one person at a time.


Our instructors are highly trained in their respective activities. Their expertise and experience run from teaching to being part of bands, groups and having accumulated over the years vast knowledge that they articulate in their career and develop on this artistic journey that they are passing to everyone they come in contact with.


reginald moyo

Reginald Moyo. A talented multi-instrument player and musician. He has years of experience teaching children and adults how to embrace the art and lifeskill of musicianship. An amazing singer currently working on his debut album. A passionate heart and motivator to reach beyond the stars. He believes teaching music is not just about bringing awareness to notes and chords, but is about developing character and fostering creativity.


jade sillands

Jade Sillands. An outstanding Opera singer, and pianist. Passion, Purpose and Progress are her drive to walking this beautiful journey with children and adults from all walks of life. She wields and oozes motivation and strives to see her students reach their full potential.


paul daniels

Paul Daniels. One of Capetwon’s finest musicians. Also a multi-instrumentalist, having played on Grand stages with renowned musicians and groups. His skill, finesse and articualtion of the musical instrument goes without any lack. His desire is to raise a generation of influential musicians who not only skillfully play but use their fingers to articulate that which is in their hearts so as to touch and change other lives with each chord strummed or pressed.


gift mofokeng

Gift Mofokeng. He is exactly what his name says, a Gift to us all. His skill on Bass guitar, Piano or Acoustic is impeccable. a musician at heart, a teacher by nature. He believes in discipline, hard work and focus on achieving musical goals. He is definitely a teacher who you would love your children to be taught by.