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Behind the name

Behind the name

Behind the name

“A mind suited in positivity,

grounded with morality

and decorated with music,

is a mind cushioned with peace.”

~ Tendai Nyamayaro


As I welcome all you readers to “PASSION IN THE SHOWER”, I just want to shed light on the fact that life is short. Life can change in the blink of an eye, we can never be prepared enough for what we don’t know, however, we can live our best moments right now. We have the power to make our current moment the best moment we have ever had. We have the ability to BECOME, the grace to Restart, Re-calibrate, Readjust and Return with a bang. Do not let the past, the previous way of thinking or doing things, the comfort of familiarity and the death-bed of procrastination and laziness be your story. Stand up, DECIDE on your next steps to making your dreams a reality and FOLLOW THROUGH on them every single day.


“If you don’t DECIDE, you will never DELIVER,

and when you don’t DELIVER, you and others will DOUBT your abilities

and where DOUBT flourishes, DETERMINATION suffocates.

Lack of DETERMINATION, feeds DEATH to your DREAMS.

When you cease to DREAM,

your life physically begins to DROWN.”

~ Tendai Nyamayaro


“Passion in the Shower” is the beat of my heart in a nutshell. I will be interviewing many musicians, worship leaders and artists that I have come across over the decades in the industry and my life in general. We will be getting to know them, reading a small portion of their stories and if any interest you more, feel free to get in touch with them via their social media handles. These sessions will also cover a part of my life’s journey in the musical aspect which is the story of Treble Clef. Only recently did I realise that I have been at this journey for 8 years. In many books, its still a baby. I have experienced many high moments as well as a fair share of below rock-bottom moments. I have been exemplary in many aspects and I have also made the worst mistakes in others. So walk with me as I unfold the story of Treble Clef which is still being written daily.


Why call it, Passion in the Shower?

Being a guy who grew up in the church, I knew this title would probably dish me a little heat, however, personally,  there are 3 places I like to take time to think, to dream, and to envision my future. These being the balcony, the shower and the kitchen sink, as I do dishes. Weirdly enough, in these places, I feel God speaks to me. I get to expand on my vision and the passion I have for what I do just gets deeper each time I dive into it. Yes, it sounds a little sexual on the outside but haven’t we always been told not to judge a book by its cover (wink). We live in a retro generation. Yes morality is high on our list and its never a facet of our beings that we should compromise on, instead we should build on it. We should be creative in it. If we are to reach out to people, we need to be real, yet relevant in order to be effective otherwise we are wasting our time and should then keep writing or recording music and blogs for our ancestors to read and listen to.

The Shower is where I truly get passionate about what I love, which explains my water bill at times, however I always leave that 1m by 1m haven, feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to do what it takes to get to where I need to. Hence the title “Passion in the Shower – the Treble Clef Journey”.


In conclusion, this blog is something I never saw myself doing. Yes, I have always wanted to write a book sometime in my life, but life has shown me that things should and can get done in stages. I am truly excited about this new journey, this new skill I’m developing and building in myself and I know there is PURPOSE to this. For all those reading, all those following the journey, thank you. I look forward to interacting with you, the questions, the comments, the suggestions, all are welcome.


“Get into your shower and dream. Expand the vision”

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